Before: PSG in 2005
After: PSG September 2018


Prince’s Square Gardens was originally established in 1856 thanks to builder George Wyatt. It is part of a pair with Leinster Square. It was first closely detailed in an 1869 Ordnance Survey. Over the decades it has seen changes in landscaping and updates to it’s structures, but one thing has remained constant. As far back as 1869, two London plane trees were visible and they still stand today. More information about the garden through the years can be found at London Gardens Online.


More Recently

Jalna in the Gardens
Lionel and Rescue Dog Elvis

By 2005, PSG was in need of serious refurbishment.  After several decades of selfless dedication to managing the garden, in 2007 Lionel and Jalna decided to step back and “pass the baton” to a new garden committee they personally selected.

Having moved to the area in 2005, Ken began restoring the garden as a volunteer and in 2007 he was appointed as one of the committee members.  The work of the new committee began with new grass and plantings to bring the garden back to life and invigorate interest.  The Garden now boasts a butterfly garden, redesigned centre bed, wildlife area, play area, and compost bins.

One thing that sets PSG apart is that dogs are permitted, with responsible owners to enjoy the garden.  This is a rarity amongst garden squares in London, and it is due to Lionel and Jalna’s ceaseless dedication to rescuing animals.  Their love for animals and committment to their welfare led them to allow well-mannered dogs with responsible owners into PSG.

One of the other notable features of PSG is the Perfume Garden, designed and created by Ken in honour of his late mother.  It is comprised of a wooden arbour enclosing a circular raised bed.  Featured plants are clematis, honey suckle, and climbing roses.  Further, cherry laurels surround the area to provide separation from the rest of the garden and offer a spot for contemplation.

Please see our Flora page for detailed information on the garden’s composition.