Grounds and Facilities

Prince’s Square Gardens covers 0.35 hectares/.86 acres, most of which is taken up by the carefully tended lawn.  There is a star-shaped bed in the centre which contains a mature London plane.  To the east and west of the tree are two more raised beds, these are circular and planted with a smaller conical conifer and roses.

A perimeter of mature trees provides some privacy.  Two of the London planes in Prince’s Square Gardens are visible on surveys as far back as 1869.  The north border is edged with brick, and the entire garden perimeter contains a variety of herbaceous plants and evergreen shrubs.

The butterfly garden forms the entrance to the play area.  Russian Sage, Echinacea, and other bright and fragrant plants are set before a backdrop of manicured privet. A new play area was installed June 2020: the wooden equipment includes a roofed look out tower, lower den, rock climb, rope climb, ladder, slide, monkey bars, 2 sets of swings including a pair of cradle swings and stretch and walk posts.

The east end of the garden is home to three features.  The Perfume Garden, designed to provide a space for contemplation and solace, has a wooden arbor and plantings chosen to provide seclusion from the rest of the area.   This end also includes the wildlife area and the compost bins.

Landscaping/Tree Work By:
Herts & Essex Landscapes
Hoseanna Lodge
Sledge Green