Welcome to the online home of Prince’s Square Gardens.  PSG is a privately owned garden located in London, Bayswater W2 which offers access to members who have successfully completed the application process.


Please Note:

  • Access and use of our privately owned non-communal garden is a privilege extended to our registered members, their children and dogs only.
  • This garden is a "garden" and should be treated as such. It is a place for members to enjoy tranquility.
  • Please be mindful of other members and surrounding neighbours who appreciate your quiet and peaceful enjoyment of these grounds and facilities.

If you’re interested in applying for membership, please visit our membership section to familiarise yourself with the requirements.  If we are currently accepting enrollments, you will be able to fill out an application online.  Please note, enrollment is only available during limited times in the Spring each year.  On occasion, the committee may make applications available in the Autumn (September 1st-October 15th). No date has been set for 2021 renewal or offering new membership.

You can peruse our history section to learn about the Gardens’ past, including improvements made over the last decade.  The Gardens currently are home to a variety of features, including a play area, butterfly garden, expansive lawn, and much more.