Play Area Rules

  • Only registered members and their own children are welcome.
  • No guests or playdates without PSG Committee authorisation.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Remove all your rubbish. Keep the play area clean and tidy.
  • No drinking of alcohol or smoking permitted.
  • Use this equipment as it is intended and at your own risk.
  • Wipe equipment clean before allowing children to play.
  • Play equipment is designed for children 2-10 years of age.
  • Swings: Hold on with both hands. Do not stand on swings. Stop swinging before getting off. Never swing or twist empty swings. Stand clear of moving swings.
  • Lookout Den: For ages 3+.
  • Monkey Bars: For ages 3+. No standing on bar frame.
  • Slide: One person at a time. Feet first.
  • Walk & Stretch Posts: For ages 3+.
  • Glass, breakables, and sharp objects are not allowed.
  • Do not bring toys or other play equipment into this area.
  • No dogs in this area.
  • Notify PSG Committee of any equipment concerns.
  • Children should play nicely and politely.
  • No shouting, screaming, foul language, or spitting.
  • Close the gate.
  • Take care of the play equipment.
Emergency number dial 999