May 20, 2022
We hope that you and your family are well and enjoying the longer sunnier days. It is that time of year when we write to inform you of the garden fees for the 2022/23 running year ending April 30th, 2023. The fees are as follows:
  • £100 refundable key deposit.
  • On Square: £500 annual fee for Princes Square residents.
  • Off Square: £650 annual fee for all other addresses within the catchment.
  • The introduction of a £100 fee per dog (maximum two dogs per household) per annum.
  • Historically we have offered discounted and/or complimentary access to the garden to those less fortunate, which will continue at our discretion.
These new fees are considered reasonable and remain similar to other garden square fees throughout London. We realise that fee increases are unwelcome, especially in a high inflation economy. The decision about raising garden fees is necessary as all our expenses across the board have increased. These include but are not limited to gardening maintenance, tree surgery, leaf disposal and hauling, plant budget, equipment, keys and locks, insurance, website maintenance, signage, vandalism repair, turf repair, surrounding kerb repair, water, etc.
The application is available on line and enrolment is currently underway. All are welcome to apply provided they meet the criteria as outlined on our website: https://psglondon.uk The catchment remains unchanged and due to the current level of interest, we are not in a position to consider applications residing outside the catchment.
Thank you to those who have already applied. For the record the application process will firstly prioritise those living on the square, then secondly those living within the catchment as noted on the website: https://psglondon.uk/applicants. Successful applicants will shortly be sent the invoice, including further details, by email.
The garden locks, which have remained unchanged since May 2020, will be changed early morning of May 27th 2022. An email with those details and how to collect a new key will be sent to successful applicants shortly as well.
It continues to be our great pleasure to maintain and run these gardens and hope that you understand the increased fees in response to recent events. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of those key holders past and present who have shown their support of us personally, as well as in regards to this lovely garden which we have proudly restored and share.
Kind regards,