Garden Rules

Our Garden Rules
  • Non-members are not allowed in the garden or play area.
  • No guests or playdates without PSG Committee authorisation.
  • Lending of key is not allowed.
  • Do not cause any damage to plants and property. No climbing on trees. Keep off flower beds.
  • Supervise children and dogs at all times. Your children and dogs should be within your reach.
  • Remove all litter. Keep the garden clean and tidy.
  • Dog waste must be collected and removed immediately. Bin it outside the garden.
  • No bicycles. Children learning to ride a bicycle with stabilisers is permitted provided they are supervised, kept off grass and on the paths only, and not riding at speed.
  • No ball games. Babies & toddlers are permitted to play with a rubber ball provided it is soft and causes no damage.
  • No glass containers, fires, or BBQs.
  • Securely close the gate as you enter and exit. Keep yourselves and other members safe.
  • Please refrain from using the Gardens during high wind.