You must pay a £100 deposit for a key.  This deposit is forfeited if the key is lost, but will be refunded if it is returned to the owners. 

To replace a lost key a new deposit is required.   Please note that keys are limited and a new key may take several weeks to replace.

If you do not pay key holder fees, the key is invalid after April 30th.  Please return the key to the owners to receive your key deposit refund.

Keys are non-transferable, and remain the property of the owner.

Yes, the key is required for both entering and exiting the garden.  The issued key operates both the east and west gates.  Please make sure to secure the gate upon entering and exiting the area.

Please ask our permission first for each visitor request.  Contact us at least 24 hours in advance for authorisation.  An authorised visit is one which has been confirmed and scheduled by the owners.  Most requests that follow this procedure are granted, failure to do so however will jeopardise your access.

Please request permission first by contacting the owners.  24 hours notice is required for playdates, a longer notice for parties.

For a small playdate or informal gathering, just send an email.  We need to know your requested date and time, as well as the number of children and number of adults. The owners will respond to your request.

We offer a convenient form for party requests. We will require your requested date (and rain date), time/length of the event, and number of guests.  Fees apply.  Further details can be found here.  

If you notice a dog guardian not being responsible you may politely remind them to pick up after their dog.  You may also report the matter to us by taking some details of the offender, the dog, and note the time and place the incident occurred.  Your identity will remain anonymous if you choose.  The more specific the information provided, the greater the chance that this will result in a dog fouler losing garden privileges.

Garden hours are from dawn until dusk.  No one is permitted in the Gardens after dark.

There is no landscape lighting inside the area.

Please refrain from using the area when it is dark, especially if you are alone, with children, or a dog.

We have yet to have a volunteer offer to empty rubbish bins on a daily basis.  Therefore, please remove your rubbish, including picking up after your dog, and dispose in the large black bins outside the Gardens.  Leaving rubbish behind will put your access at risk.

Bins are also absent to reduce temptation by rodents, birds and foxes.

Yes, however please lift the benches rather than drag so as to avoid damaging the lawn.  Benches should be placed and returned thoughtfully to ensure no incidence of hazard or tripping by others.

The approximate combined distance (outer & centre paths) is about 362 meters.  4.5 times around each roughly equals 1 mile.

You may exercise in the garden provided you are not employing a personal trainer.  Equipment such as weights or attaching equipment to trees, etc. is not allowed. 

Please contact the owners via this form at your earliest convenience.  We appreciate your concern and will respond as quickly as possible.

We do not provide telephone numbers for the owners, so the website form or email are the best method to reach someone.