Dog Policy

The PSG committee offers this opportunity under strict guidelines. Please read below to familiarise yourself with the expectations for both dogs and owners.

Dog Waste Removal

Pick up after your dog.  Failure to do so will result in your membership being revoked.  Dog waste is to be disposed of in the black rubbish bins outside the Gardens.  Dog waste is a threat to human health.  Owners/Guardians watch your dogs. 

rules regarding dogs using the garden

Dogs may only be off leash if there is a minder for each dog if bringing in more than one at a time.  Otherwise a single minder must keep both dogs on leads.

The garden hours are from Dawn to Dusk.  No one is permitted in the Gardens after dark.

If we find this is being abused, the Committee has discussed this being our last year allowing dogs in the Gardens.

  1. Number of members with dogs is set to limits.  Dogs must be socialised and well behaved.
  2. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding dog fouling.
  3. Dog Owners/Guardians must remove dog mess or your membership will be revoked immediately.
  4. Dogs are not allowed into the Children’s Play Area.
  5.  If a dog demonstrates aggressive behaviour the committee may insist the dog wear a muzzle when in the garden or ban a dog from entering the garden. 
  6. Registered Member remains responsible for the activities of any dog brought into the Gardens.  Members allowing dog walkers/guardians to exercise dogs in the Gardens must ensure that those who do so know about and understand their responsibilities under Garden Regulations.
  7. The PSG Committee reserves the right to ban any dog it deems to be a nuisance.  Where persistent problems arise from individual dogs, the PSG committee reserves the right to repossess key and may also cancel the Membership.
  8. No Drag (training) Leads
FAQs in Regards to Fouling and Dog-Related Issues

No.  The fouling found each time are from dogs.  Fox scat has a distinct smell and shape easily discernible from that of dogs.

No.  Members of the committee are dog lovers, and the garden ethos has been to “allow dogs with responsible owners.”  We feel that both dogs and children have a place in Prince’s Square Gardens. 

We are, however, biased against irresponsible pet owners.  Please clean up after your dog so that members, children, and other dogs can all have an enjoyable time.

Thank you to those dog owners who follow the expectations laid out in the rules, terms, and conditions.

More on how PSG came to be one of the few garden squares that allows dogs can be found in the History section.  

No.  Actually, the majority of the dogs in the garden belong to families with children.  This is simply about ensuring that our Garden remains a clean, healthy place for members to enjoy. 

Dog fouling can be a detriment to other dogs, as parasites can be spread this way.  It is not only children that are impacted by dog waste being left behind.

No.  This was attempted twice before and failed both times.  It did not solve the problem and was quite detrimental to the morale of the membership and aesthetic of the gardens.

While this would likely help with the issue, it would also require a large investment of both time and money.  The Committee members are not paid for the management of the Gardens.  They would have to take time from their other responsibilities in order to review hours of footage trying to track down offenders.  It would be far more effective for owners to simply pick up after their dogs.

This isn’t something the committee is currently considering. 

Please be mindful that small dogs may fit through the openings.  Anyone worried regarding this should keep their dog near or on a lead. 

The committee in the past has investigated the possibility of having chicken wire installed.  On consultation with other garden squares who did have it installed we were shown that it was often crumbled being stood on, becoming unsightly and thus ineffective in keeping dogs in and rubbish out.

No.  PSG is a privately owned garden.  The Committee/Shareholders determine the terms of membership each year.  Members are unable to enact any changes to the Agreement, Rules, T&Cs, byelaws, etc.

Members are provided documentation of the terms each year in the form of the membership agreement, and are obligated to follow those rules, terms, and conditions.  Anyone unable or unwilling to follow the rules laid out should not join.

Please note that our rules are in line with most garden squares with the exception that we allow dogs.

Some members have reported that rubbish is being left behind: wrappers, bottles, etc.

Please remove your rubbish. 

Rubbish may be wind blown or pushed in through the railings by those outside on the kerbs. There are no bins in the garden to reduce temptation by foxes, rodents, birds.  Our gardens are maintained by the same crew that services several neighbouring squares.  Our garden has been reported being far cleaner than most.  Additionally, those gardens with bins have rodent issues.