Dog Policy

The owners offer this opportunity under strict guidelines. Please read below to familiarise yourself with the expectations for both dogs and key holders.

Dog Waste Removal

Pick up after your dog.  Failure to do so will result in your access being revoked.  Dog waste is to be disposed of in the black rubbish bins outside the Gardens.  Dog waste is a threat to human health.  Owners/Guardians watch your dogs. 

rules regarding dogs using the garden

Dogs may only be off leash if there is a minder for each dog if bringing in more than one at a time.  Otherwise a single minder must keep both dogs on leads.

The garden hours are from Dawn to Dusk.  No one is permitted in the Gardens after dark.

If we find this is being abused, the owners may disallow dogs from the premises entirely.

  1. Number of key holders with dogs is set to limits.  Dogs must be socialised and well behaved.
  2. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding dog fouling.
  3. Dog Owners/Guardians must remove dog mess or your access will be revoked immediately.
  4. Dogs are not allowed into the Children’s Play Area.
  5.  If a dog demonstrates aggressive behaviour the owners may insist the dog wear a muzzle when in the garden or ban a dog from entering the garden.
  6. Registered key holder remains responsible for the activities of any dog brought into the Gardens.  Key Holders allowing dog walkers/guardians to exercise dogs in the Gardens must ensure that those who do so know about and understand their responsibilities under Garden Regulations.
  7. The owners reserve the right to ban any dog deemed to be a nuisance.  Where persistent problems arise from individual dogs, the owner reserves the right to repossess key and may also remove the key holder’s access.
  8. No Drag (training) Leads
  9. There is an annual dog fee. The number of dogs allowed is limited.