Key Collection day is generally May 1st but may be another date near the 1st based on scheduling requirements.   Members will be informed well in advance.

On the designated day the committee will be in the garden to greet and issue a key to pre-approved members.  We try to provide both a morning and afternoon session, usually from 8:30am-10:30am and again from 3pm-5pm.

Current members are required to return the previous year’s key in exchange for a new key.  If you are a current member and do not have your previous key, a new key deposit of £100 shall be required on that day.  (Completed BACs transfer or cash, cheques are not accepted.)

All members, including new members collecting a key, are required to bring a current proof of address on key collection day.

Autumn key collection date is determined each year based on need.  Applicants who have been approved for Autumn enrollment will be notified in advance of the date.

Keys are limited to one per household.

Proof of address must be ONE of the following: a recent (within 45 days) Council Tax statement, Utility Bill, or bank statement (with sums blackened).  The applicant’s name and date should be clearly visible.

Not accepted as proof of address: drivers license, gym membership, mobile phone bill, voting registration, assorted addressed-mail, etc.

New and renewing members are required to provide and bring one of the approved proof of address documents for electronic renewal and to each renewal/key change collection.

Payments by BACs transfer to our bank details.

Cash will be accepted only for key deposits on key collection day.

No cheques.

At the current time, we are not charging a fee or deposit for the privilege of bringing a dog into the Gardens.  This may change in the future.

A full refund is available before taking possession of a key.   Afterwards, only the key deposit of £100 would be refunded to the account of the applicant provided the key is returned to the committee.  No cash refunds.

Usually, applications are processed within a matter of weeks.  Successful applicants are notified after committee vote.   Please note that your application will be pooled with all new applications as a way of efficiency for the committee.

The application is only available during our enrollment windows.  We do not hold applications on file in between enrollments.

If you have a question that isn’t answered on the website, please use our contact form to reach out. 

Questions that can be answered by reading the information provided on this site will be directed back to the website.  Please read the provided documentation first.